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I lost 3.3kg (7lb) & 18cm’s in 9 days with the help of an infrared pod.

Having completed 9 days of detox cleanse, I was delighted to have lost 3.3kg (7lb) in weight and 18 cm’s from across my body. My goal this visit was not to lose fat so much as to lose all of the toxins and inflammation that I knew my body was holding. I was delighted to have lost 1kg visceral fat by the last day. This was all due to the fact that my body was letting go of all of the poison and taking on all of the perfectly balanced nutrition, thanks to my team.

Part of my daily routine was this Inflammation Pod & Oxygen Therapy.

The idea of this pod is that systemic inflammation, fluid retention and cellulite are reduced. It also targets gas, bloating, pain, parasites, poor circulation, toxin release, menstruation cramps, fatigue and more. In my before photo’s, I was totally bloated and carrying a lot of water. This certainly impacted that and reduced it massively.

Water, protein, fat and other substances make up a huge 75% of our body. This pod using infrared at 8-10 micro wavelength. The increased heat within the cells, as well as the vibration, activates the metabolism.

It was a fantastic way to release all of my toxins daily as I would sweat so much. That is where the toxins come out. Not only that, when I had a headache during the initial detox, oxygen therapy was such a benefit. I would go in feeling rather rough and come out feeling so energised. I loved this pod. To pass the 30 minutes in it, I would have headphones put on me where I listened to guided meditation or positive affirmation.

If you have access to an infrared sauna, the same principle applies and I very much recommend that you take advantage of it. To start off with, try 15 minutes and gradually build up to 45 minutes maximum. After the sauna, shower immediately to rinse the toxins off. If you let them dry, they will just get reabsorbed.

Sauna’s, in general, are a good idea to introduce regularly. They may be hot and unbearable so some of us, but the benefits are so worthwhile. It’s an easy way to get those toxins sweated out.

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